California GOLD RUSH: Gorgeous Designer Bags to Borrow from

California GOLD RUSH
Louis Vuitton Galliera PM Shoulder Bag


The California Gold Strike in 1849 drew a few hundred thousand gold seekers (known as 49ers) to the West Coast.
What followed was of course riches, culture and style – not to mention namesakes etched in, well, Gold!
Indeed, Gold found its way into all walks of life for years and years to come: landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, athletic teams like the Golden State Warriors, even the State of California itself, the Golden State, all bear with honor the namesake of Gold.
Be sure the check out the beautiful Gold Rush cheer squad of the San Francisco 49ers NFL team.
Here’s our tribute on location to the splendor of the California Gold Rush:
Really great bags to wear in and around the magnificent Golden State.
Golden Gate Theatre

Golden Gate Theatre: An Act of God starring Sean Hayes, April 2016


California in bloom

Gorgeous gold blossoms in the Golden State














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