ZIGGY STARDUST... Our tribute to David Bowie

Saint Laurent Star Beaded Bucket Bag

Image: bagdujour.com

David Bowie –

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues… .

Art, culture & music legend David Bowie was a master of innovation. Ziggy Stardust was just one of the magnificent personas he developed.

His work influenced hundreds of artists and musicians who followed, shaping an entire era of human existence the world over.

His surprise death today was much like his life – a profound work of art.

May his legend continue to soar. Let’s dance…

Read National Public Radio’s tribute to David Bowie here.

In tribute, we wear this gorgeous Star Beaded Fringe Drawstring Bag by Saint Laurent. It has the glamour of Hollywood in the 20s and the cool of Studio 54 in the 70s. Whatever your mood, you’ll adore how this truly special handbag brings it on. The beaded fringe is incredibly strung in a starry design that will lure musicians, artists and poets alike.


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